In the beginning, I almost had a clear thought

Time is fleeting. Right now, I’m counting down the time until a show finishes on my second monitor, until the laundry dries, and until it’s time to run a few errands before picking my daughter up at theater camp. And on top of all else, I’m attempting to finally get a blog up and running – as you can see. I’ve had blogs for a few decades, more off than on. They’re enjoyable, but never really connected with my primary focus at the time. I just prefer to live life than comment on events. But times are changing. It’s not really clear to me what has changed, though there has been change. I guess the spark that lit the fuse is because they recommend authors have portals. But I’ve known this for years and only managed to flirt with keeping a regular blog. Part of it is drowning in links and articles and information I’d like to better organize. It eventually came to mind the best way might be to organize this into pages so others can perhaps find value in what I scrape together. Piggybacking on the last point is the need to organize to share, which I believe helps cement information. It also makes it easier for me to find, though that feels counterintuitive. And last, but not least, is a record for my children. I hope to live a few more decades. Really, given my good health relative to others in my age group and the ongoing medical discoveries sometimes defying imagination, I should only be middle-aged. But accidents happen and my kids are young even if I’m approaching 50. So this is my launch and, if my plans work out, should be the first of many posts and pages. If you ever run across this first entry, I hope you’ve found some value in the rest.