Old School Revival (roleplaying)

OSR, about two decades old, has caught on for gamers burned out by overly complex rules. I’m running a Basic Fantasy campaign and am part of a DCC group. Massive fun and east to both get and keep going.

Rule Systems

Open source or free

  • Basic Fantasy: Excellent version of the First Edition rules (now offering a Fourth Edition clone). A range of free classes and modules.
  • Osric: First Edition clone with links to a range of additional resources, including original D&D content on DriveThruRPG.


I’m running a campaign in Basic Fantasy and a player in a DCC campaign. I love the simple play in BF, and the DCC tables create rich outcomes. All depends on how much work you want to do.



Tabletop Trinkets by JJ – Literally thousands of trinkets, objects, vials, books, rings, amulets, weapons, armor, equipment, minor magic items and just plain junk for all of your roleplaying needs.

Many Sided Dice

DM Heroes – Random character generator (no stats)

SA Hunt – D100 Strange But Useful Magic Items