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Writing With Color
There are colors beyond the rainbow. Here are some sites providing terminology, visual references, and usage.

Screen grab of the red color card.   Color Thesaurus: Ingrid Sundberg hosts a series of cards filled with a variety of each color (white, beige, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, green, brown, grey and black). A wonderful resource.
  Complete list of Crayola Crayon colors.

The Phrontistery’s list of “obscure colour terms.”


Writing About the Color of People (and other aspects of humanity)
Selecting words to describe characters, especially as a white author, is a must. Hopefully these will help you grow.

Writing the Other Roundtable: How to Stay in Your lane

Two excellent articles by Mod Colette to get you started:

Writing People of Color (if you happen to be a person of another color)

7 Casually Racist Things That White Authors Do

A discussion of describing the skin tone of people of color (not all of the comments have value, but the discussion offers some insight on what people think)

300 Words to Describe Skin

Sensitivity Readers! What are they good for?

Parallel to this topic:

Articles with visual references of human coloration:

Other aspects of our humanity:

Finding characters

  • Model Management: Too many authors use famous actors to give flesh to their characters. This is a great site for finding people from around the world.

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Social Headache Remedies




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