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Articles and resources I’ve collected over the years. Sharing does not equal recommendation. While I have read the articles, I have not used all the advice or tested all of the tools.
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Writing About People of Color

As a white author, I’ve found these resources helpful when developing and writing characters of color.

Writing the Other Roundtable: How to Stay in Your lane

Two excellent articles by Mod Colette:

Writing People of Color (if you happen to be a person of another color)

7 Casually Racist Things That White Authors Do

A discussion of describing the skin tone of people of color

300 Words to Describe Skin

Sensitivity Readers! What are they good for?

Parallel to this topic:

Human Coloration

Color references

Writing With Color
Color terminology, visual references, and usage.

Screen grab of the red color card.

Color Thesaurus: Ingrid Sundberg hosts a series of cards filled with a variety of each color (white, beige, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, green, brown, grey and black). A wonderful resource.

Complete list of Crayola Crayon colors.

The Phrontistery’s list of “obscure colour terms.”

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